Lawson Bank has been in existence since 1883. It was founded by brothers, Washington and Addison Smith. Both men found  adventure in the Mexican War and California Gold Rush before beginning Lawson Bank. Today Lawson Bank boasts four locations and the same pride that has kept them going for over 130 years.

The Lawson Bank building was erected  in 1885 serving a community of 600. In 1914 a fire destroyed the building, but the integrity and grit that began the bank kept it going. The looks and the people have changed at Lawson Bank over the years, but the attitude is the same: to give their customers fast and friendly service.fire

Here is a photo of the old Lawson Bank interior.  The bank may have looked different back then, but Lawson Bank is still strong, steadfast, serving its customers with even more services and hometown friendliness than ever before.

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Lawson Bank